Hi everyone, I just realized SocialFish.org is over 10 years old!!! Thank you for reading for so many years. 

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PSA To Nonprofits: GDPR May Apply to You

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“May 25th is quickly approaching and if you have yet to begin the compliance process or are only just beginning, it’s important to make this a top organizational priority. The process can be lengthy and the rules can be difficult to interpret so you should not delay in bringing together experts and launching a thorough look into your data management and processing practices.”

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11 Email Marketing Tips from the Pros

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There’s a lot to email marketing. It’s more complex than creating and sending an email here and there. If you want to get results from your email marketing efforts, you need a strategy. Marketers spend months crafting personalized messages, segmenting…

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Why You Should Be Using Customer Reviews in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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“A reviewer discussing their experience with your service, tools or community may educate future users on how they can use your offerings effectively for their organization. By encouraging a culture of sharing among users, you’re helping customers and members build a community, while demonstrating that your service is worth the price.”

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Are you free online?

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According to Freedom House’s 2017 Freedom on the Net report, less than one-fourth of the world’s internet users reside in countries where the internet is technically designated “free.”

Not only are a large number of internet users censored online by their country, through disinformation, online manipulation tactics, and other means, but almost half of the countries studied — 32 out of 65 — have experienced an overall decline in internet freedom.

How does your country stack up?

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In Facebook We Trust. Why?

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“In regular life, when someone professes respect and appreciation for you and declares you their ally, then turns around and kicks you in the stomach, you realize that person sucks and stop trusting them and spending time with them.”

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Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

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WHOO HOO! I am super excited to share with you my brand new Generations on-demand course.  This is based on a really popular 4-hour in-person training that Jamie has been facilitating for a couple of years, and we’ve been wanting to figure out how to make it accessible to more people. So ta-daa! Here it is.

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Decode Your Content Marketing

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A master storyteller, Beebe established Marriott as the largest producer of travel lifestyle content in the world. Adele Cehrs is the author of Spike Your Brand ROI, and has more than 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry. Adele is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine and has interviewed some of the most successful executives in the world. Join me in a day of awesome content marketing learning on November 7!

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10 Reasons to Attend SURGE 2017

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SURGE 2017 is an experiment in collaborative innovation. It is a free virtual summit running on November 7th-9th, was inspired by the association community, envisioned in conversations with people throughout the industry, and planned and created through teamwork and cooperation. The summit will consist of twelve pre-recorded sessions, with a highly participatory format so that attendees can engage together in deep learning opportunities. Association professionals from around the globe will assemble for exclusive access to the sessions and discussions, ready to learn, to listen, and to lend their ideas. Learn more here.

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How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize Your CSR Efforts

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As corporate responsibility has become more of a deal breaker with millennial shoppers (the biggest profit generators in the economy today), businesses are taking note.

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