ASAE09's hub tool rocks.

Check this out! ASAE has done a great job setting up a mobile hub for ASAE09.

To get there and play for yourself, go to or on your mobile phone. You can just view, or if you login using your normal ASAE login, you can connect it to Twitter so it will automatically append the #asae09 hashtag if you tweet from the hub. Add stuff to the “contributions” tab (although the “add to calendar” doesn’t have the right dates yet). Obviously the scheduler’s not working yet either since we’re not at the conference yet, but it’s all pretty cool…!

Since I’m on the topic of ASAE09, here’s some stuff we’ll be up to over in Toronto:

Sunday 8/16 – 3:15 – Lindy’s session with Jeff Cobb on The Power of Technology on Association Education and Learning

Sunday 8/16 – 3:15 (same time – bah!!) – My session with Jason Della Rocca on CounterIntuitive Paths to Success: Upending the Status Quo this conversation will be continued by me and Elizabeth Engel in the CAE Lounge afterwards. [UPDATE: - Jason's accompanying article is out!]

Monday 8/17 – 10:30 – Buzz2009 Recap Unsession – in the unsession room, directly after the general session that day. For anyone who was at Buzz and would like to share the ideas they got from it and anything they were able to implement since; also for anyone who was unable to attend Buzz2009 and wants to hear the scoop, and anyone who’s interested in Buzz2010. [UPDATE: We're assuming anyone who would be interested in our Buzz2009 recap might also be interested in talking to Charlene Li after her keynote, so we've moved this to the Engagement Lounge, where we'll talk about Buzz after Charlene's little Q&A unsession. W00t!]

Monday 8/17 – 10 pm – Bling! YAP party – not to be missed. Help us come up with the perfect YAPtini! Sponsored by Avectra and SusQtech – go to their booths to get the bling you need to get in to our VIP area.

See y’all there!


Peggy Hoffman August 6, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Wow – glad I’m headed to Toronto too! And speaking of which – okay to say that master make-up artist KiKi L’Italien & I are leading a social media make-over for one lucky chapter at a session on Tuesday at 12:45 – and we’re looking for nominations to pick the lucky chapter – check out the details at See ya in Toronto (or at #asae09).

peggyhoffman August 7, 2009 at 3:47 pm

#ASAE09 hub tool rocks says @maddiegrant and I agree

desabol August 7, 2009 at 4:31 pm

RT @peggyhoffman: #ASAE09 hub tool rocks says @maddiegrant and I agree [DS: count me as a fanboy. I dig it]

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