Thank you SO so much

THANK YOU so much to everyone who came to Buzz2009 last week, everyone who blogged about it beforehand and will after, who tweeted from there or from afar, who watched the webcast, who had a drink (or several) with us after, and of course thank you again to all of our sponsors and advisors who helped us put it on and to SmartBrief. All of you truly rock the house. We’ll surely do some more debriefing blogging in due course but I just wanted to put up a couple of quick links before all the other stuff I’ve neglected over the last two weeks takes over. :)

Check out our Twitter stats – as of this writing, 1,639 tweets, 334 contributors – pretty incredible considering we had just 80 people in the room!

Here’s some other good stuff:

- a transcript of the tweets in readable order (*love* What The Hashtag)

- Jeremy Epstein’s recap of the pre-event WOM Slam

- Lynn Morton’s sweet recap of Andy Sernovitz’s keynote

- I almost passed out when I heard we had 5,000 people registered for the free webcast – here’s the link. I think this will not be up for long (couple of weeks?) so watch it now, it’s really really good. 90 minutes you won’t regret, I promise. And just in case, here’s a play-by-play from the GasPedal blog.

- Jeff Hurt’s analysis – from the point of view of someone participating remotely via Twitter and the webcast. Awesomesauce beyond belief.

Were you there? Two things I need you to do for me pretty please:

1) Our open evaluation post is up (yeah, who needs those annoying survey evaluations?) Please give us feedback in the comments over on the Buzz blog here and tell us what you thought. Be honest. We want to make it better and better every year we do it and we can only do that if we know what you’re thinking. (And yes, the weird mic issues and spaceship HVAC noise is already on the list). We also welcome any comments from anyone who followed along remotely.

2) Share what you learned on the SmartBrief Blog. Everyone had pages and pages of notes and tweets – so spill.

Thanks to all and hope to see you back next year!!

p.s. I just have to repost the Buzz2009 scholarship submission post – read the awesome commment submissions – and in particular check out KiKi’s slideshare response. Hilarious. We are so happy we were able to give out 7 scholarships this time – next year, hopefully more!

Buzz2009, July 9 in Washington, DC

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Maggie McGary July 13, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Thank YOU so much–and all the generous sponsors who made it possible for me to attend. I had a great time and loved it for many reasons:

1) The venue was awesome–makes me wish I was a lawyer so I could work in a building like that.

2) The participants–everyone was psyched to be there and everyone was helpful and friendly and interested in sharing.

3) The speakers–all were engaging and interesting and relevant.

4) The giveaways–loved getting Andy's book–now I just need to find time to read it.

I liked that there honestly wasn't much focus on tools at all; it was about WOM and why the tools aren't the important part.

Bravo and can't wait till the next one!

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