Free download -> “The Complete Facebook Guide For Small Nonprofitsâ€

This guide is a comprehensive “brain-dump†of strategies and tactics for nonprofits looking to leverage the power of Facebook. In only three weeks it’s been downloaded over 1,500 times.

The guide has 6 chapters:

  1. Why Facebook?
  2. Creating Your Facebook Page
  3. Customizing Your Facebook Page
  4. How To Make Your Facebook Page Do Tricks
  5. Your Facebook Community
  6. Facebook Extras

You’ll also find hot-linked video tutorials and case studies throughout the guide (simply click on the video images to view them online).

The Complete Facebook Guide For Small Nonprofits is only available for connections of the InboundZombie Facebook Page. I’m doing several Facebook experiments around promoting the book, so that’s why it won’t be available anywhere else.

What you can expect from joining InboundZombie Page

  • A cool eBook.
  • Regularly updated Facebook tips for nonprofits.
  • Strategies and tips about WordPress, Twitter and Facebook sent out through monthly updates.
  • Meet other like-minded nonprofits learning about Facebook.
  • Be the first to know when the 2nd edition is published (which will be very soon).

Finally, I’ve licenced the eBook under Creative Commons which means you can do a lot of things with it – without having to ask me for permission.

So… whatcha waiting for? Download it here!

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