Getting Excited for #ASAE10!

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#ASAE10 is coming up…
Saturday 8/21 – Tuesday 8/24!

This is the first in a whole series of #ASAE10 related posts as we’re off out west to LA for ASAE’s annual meeting shortly.  This blog will either be a little quiet, or a little crazy, depending on how things go…

Here’s the ASAE10 website. You going? Add yourself to the Twitter roll and Blogroll if you haven’t already! And keep an eye out for Acronym’s “three” series – contact them (details in the post) if you want to guest blog for them.

Check out the learning labs – tons of good stuff in there.  I’d talk about  individual sessions – but the website makes it near impossible.   Sorry.  [Note to ASAE - when oh when will you put this stuff in a normal website like this or like this so it's easier to link and share? Arghh!  Cannot tell you how much I hate the conference website and how much it makes me want to tear my hair out...  Ok. Deep breath. Sorry. Rant over.]

So… wondering what your friendly neighborhood Team SocialFish are up to?

1. Saturday, we’ll both be at the Volunteer Leadership Kick-Off Brunch and in council meetings; Lindy’s Vice Chair of the Marketing Section Council for 2010-2011, and I’m entering my third year on the Technology Section Council.  Here’s one of the things she’s working on [login required, sorry] – and here’s one of mine.

2. Saturday night we’ll have a flashmob rehearsal after the opening reception – I assume you’re all practicing? ;) - watch the Twitter stream and/or bookmark and check the link above often for the specifics.  Also follow @meetaustin on Twitter, because…

3. Sunday morning – Expo Hall, Texas Pavilion Booth 921 at 10:45am PST - we’ll be flashmobbing!!! Bring your dancing shoes!  The amazingly awesome Austin CVB is sponsoring and they have 50 people in 9 Texas booths ready to roll.  You don’t need to be in the pavilion area (right in the center of the expo floor) – just close enough to hear the music – then you know what to do.  Whoo hoo!

4. Sunday afternoon – we’ll be talking small staff association social media with Shannon Otto. Awesomesauce.

4. Sunday night – we’ll be flitting between a bunch of parties, most notably MeetAustin’s LA-ATX Austin Cool party to which ALL YAPSTARS/FLASHMOBBERS ARE INVITED.

5. Monday [hangover notwithstanding], Jamie Notter will be talking truth at 8:30 am PST:

To Tell The Truth: You would think telling the truth would be a basic expectation, right? However, the closer you look, the more you realize we have cultures at both the volunteer and staff levels that support obscuring, deflecting, or downright avoiding the truth, particularly when the going gets tough! Explore the subtleties of what telling truth really means in organizations and how it can impact performance. Identify specific strategies for changing destructive patterns in order to bring more effective truth into your association’s leadership and management conversations.

6.  Monday 12-1:30 PST Kiki L’Italien and I will be co-hosting a special LIVE edition of the Association Social Media Sweetspot – in the OWL (Online Engagement Lounge) at 12:30.  Just before that at noon PST, Kiki will do a quick and dirty runthrough of how to do a Podcast/Vodcast for anyone interested.   For anyone attending the virtual conference, this show will be part of the content for remote viewers. But anyone can watch, of course.  W00t!

7. Monday night – the YAP party, of course. We’re not legendary partiers for nothin’ – come find out for yourselves!  The theme is “Hollywood glam”; I just bought myself a slinky blue dress to wear, though I may wear it with my motorcycle boots – I am an East Coast girl after all :).

8. Tuesday – [um, hangover #2 notwithstanding] we’ll be facilitating a discussion with Leslie White about Deconstructing Social Media Guidelines on Tuesday 8/24 at 10:45 PST.

What does it take to craft an effective social media policy for staff and volunteers? Join this open discussion session to deconstruct social media guidelines, determine the characteristics of a good policy, and create a template for creating policies designed to encourage engagement. No PowerPoints or podiums – this is your chance to speak openly with your fellow colleagues and find solutions.

To follow the Tweetstream during the conference and specifically during our sessions, remember the times listed/tweeted as we go will be Pacific time, and follow along using the #ASAE10 hashtag (not case sensitive) – you can do this via if you aren’t on Twitter, or Tweetchat or wthashtag if you also want to tweet along with us.  Team SocialFish is @lindydreyer, @maddiegrant, @ltwhite and @jamienotter if you don’t already follow us (Maggie won’t be in LA but will be tweeting her virtual experiences from DC – @maggielmcg, and John won’t either but always shares awesome stuff -follow him at @johnhaydon).

We also have grand plans to do some liveblogging.  I’m not sure if this will happen, but if it does we’ll use our CoveritLive platform and host the liveblog here on SocialFishing. Watch this space.

OK.  Off to finish packing.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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