Everything you ever needed to get started with Twitter

I was thinking it was probably time to post something for Twitter beginners, since it’s been a million years since the last time we did, but luckily we have some fab blogger buds who have been busy writing some of this up so I don’t need to! Yay!

If you are suddenly in the position of having to get on Twitter and figure it out quickly, look no further than Deirdre Reid‘s fabulous series:

Twitter Basics– Part 1: Benefits
Twitter Basics – Part 2: Set Up an Account and Create a Profile
Twitter Basics – Part 3: How It Works
Twitter Basics – Part 4: Your Settings
Twitter Basics – Part 5: Finding the Best People to Follow
Twitter Basics – Part 6: How to Tweet Like a Real Tweep
Twitter Basics – Part 7: Managing Your Tweets and Tweeps

What we did at work today (Rawwrrrr!)

Many people we talk to actually need to start practicing with Twitter because it’s part of an overall buzz-building strategy around an upcoming conference. You won’t truly know how to tweet on behalf of your organization until you’ve dabbled in it personally, as per Deirdre’s instructions above, but when you get to your hotel before the start of your conference, if you haven’t really “got it” yet, you REALLY will when you actually can start interacting with your members and volunteers.

Here are some good slightly more advanced tips from Jeff Hurt for you to keep in mind as you’re getting ready for the conference. If you have some of these ideas in place, you’ll be tweeting along happily in no time. There’s a LOT of information here (in all of these links) – so take it one step at a time. From the conference point of view, your ultimate goal is to MAKE IT EASY for attendees to share good stuff. Often, some of them will be far more advanced in their tweeting habits than you are – and that’s fine! Just concentrate on making sure the wifi works and you’ll be fine. :)

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 – Preparing For The Event
A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 2 – Marketing And Engagement
A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 3 – Onsite Engagement, Follow-Up And 16 Resources

BONUS: Heard about the “New Twitter”? Shannon Otto tells us what it’s all about. Personally, I’m sulking because I don’t have it yet. :)


Andre Blackman September 27, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Deirdre is awesome! Really happy that she is in my circle of social media for association smarty pants circle.

This will definitely be useful in the future for my own work now at the American Heart Association!

Deirdre Reid October 10, 2010 at 9:11 am

Ha ha ha! I like that, Andre — smarty pants circle. I’m happy that you’re one of us now!

Web design Brisbane Adriana September 30, 2010 at 6:44 pm

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