What we’d like for Christmas

Have we been good this year?  Have we helped you in small or big ways this year?  I hope so!  Because that’s what we’re here for and why we do what we do!  :)

So, at the risk of being cheeky, if you’d like to give us a little Christmas present in return, here are some quick and easy little gift ideas.

- if you’ve read the book, please review Open Community on Amazon.

- if you haven’t read it yet, buy the book or buy the e-book.

- either way, buy one as a gift for all of your co-workers!

- “like” our Open Community Facebook page (or our SocialFish Facebook page!)

- join our Open Community Book Club on Facebook

- recommend our blog to two people you know who may not be aware of it

- subscribe to Jamie, Maggie, Leslie or John‘s blogs, our amazing Team SocialFish who have helped us make this blog into a better resource than we could ever have done all by ourselves.

- recommend our services to an association you know who might need our help

and finally and in all seriousness, please give yourselves a big virtual hug from us for being so special and so awesome.  Thank you for being part of our Open Community!

Photo Frames. Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!

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Dave Lutz December 23, 2010 at 10:02 am

Maddie and Lindy, you two rock! You’ve given unselfishly…learning and information that will help associations and non-profits matter in the years ahead. Thank you!

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