A social media analogy for golfers

I’ve been learning to play golf. My father has been playing all his life, and so I set a goal to be able to play 18 holes with him without being a total embarrassment. Mission accomplished. Now I want to be able to break 100 consistently. I was making progress, when the pesky weather stopped cooperating.

Puttering Around | Flickr by MakelessnoiseGolfers talk in golf analogies. A lot. “Keep it on the short grass,” means keep the ball in play. “Par for the course,” means typical or average (ironic because a par, for me, is cause for celebration). “Grip it and rip it,” means hit it as hard and as long as you can. Three-putt = bad. Hole-in-one = awesome. Anyway, since so many executives play golf, and it’s our job to communicate the value of social media to them, I figured I’d share an analogy I like to use. Maybe you can get some mileage out of it too.

“Think about a round of golf. There’s one club that you use on every hole. Your putter. No golfer would step on the course without a putter in the bag. But it’s not good for every shot. You only use it when you’re on (or just off) the green.

Social media is like a putter. You need it in the bag all the time. But you only pull it out when it’s appropriate, because it’s not good for every shot.”

So there you have it. My golf analogy. Maddie recently shared her soccer analogy, too. What analogies do you use?

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Nanette Circo January 7, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Linda–Love the golf analogy! For one woman golfer who was taught by her father and have very fond memories of playing with him, I was touched and informed by your post.
Coming from the golf industry and now in the online space as a consultant, you are right on about most executives knowing and loving golf. Or sports for that matter.
If you can explain anything that is happening online in your “customer’s terms†being it sports, art, wine!., you are worth your weight in gold or should I say, “way under par†!
Thanks for your post and continued success!

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