Top SocialFish posts of 2010

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads, shares, comments on, tweets and otherwise supports our SocialFishing blog.  Here’s to more great conversations to come in 2011!

We have some great stuff in the works, including a new Open Community case study series by Deirdre Reid, and an interview series where we’ll be talking to several top association CEO’s about the ideas in our little book.  If you have thoughts about what kind of content you would like to see here, or if you would like to write a guest post for us about something on your mind, just ping us at any time, we *love* guest posts!!  Particularly in the first half of the year, I personally will be doing a tiny wee bit less blogging as Jamie Notter and I are writing a book for a major publisher who will have us on strict deadlines until the book is published in September (stress).  So you will definitely be doing me a favor if you have a guest post in mind that you would like to publish here. :)

As a quick wrap-up to 2010,  here were the top SocialFish blog posts of the year (based on Postrank score, which measures pageviews, RSS views, comments, tweets and retweets, shares, Buzz, bookmarks, clicks, trackbacks etc.) in chronological order.  We love that this gives a nice overview of the things we like to write about and the specific areas we concentrate on in our work with associations.  It’s also no coincidence that many of these top-ranked posts were written by our amazing Team SocialFish guest bloggers – Jamie, Maggie, Leslie and John.  Thank you to you for making this blog as amazing a resource as it is!

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!













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