Social Organizations Are Patient

Quick. We need more members. Go do social media and get me some.

I don’t ever here this stated verbatim, but I hear the theme frequently. And you can swap out “members” with words like profits, donations, revenue, growth, innovation, good employees, and a host of other terms. It’s like we’re tired of hearing how awesome social media is. Why isn’t it working for us? Someone go take care of that!

Sometimes in order to go fast, you have to go slow. Social organizations are patient. They know that a system built on transparency, truth, and authenticity will be able to accomplish amazing feats, but it takes time to establish those elements. They know that true courage in organizations has great power, but to develop courage you need time for experimentation, risk, and learning.

Social organizations will run circles around the traditional organization. They just won’t be in a hurry to do so.

Stand Your Ground.

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