How Social Media Transformed a Nonprofit Medical Professional Society

Just came across a GREAT post by Jennifer Young, who recently interned at the American Society for Nephrology. Read her analysis of their social media efforts here.

A little excerpt:

Most important, ASN’s communication team gathered as much data as possible. We began compiling statistics on ASN’s own social media efforts while we educated ourselves about social-media best practices and the ways social media helped other organizations reach target audiences. The team gathered data on what other groups were doing, as well as statistics on ASN’s own efforts. For example, we began using the URL shortener with a user sign-in, which meant that we could create unique shortened links to long website addresses, and then track how many people clicked through our links to the content we had identified. This provided valuable knowledge on the kinds of information our audience on Twitter and Facebook wanted to see from us. Many of our best-performing links, surprisingly, were to a blog about the history of nephrology. While we expected ASN’s Twitter followers would be mostly interested in science and society news, there was also an interest among our followers in a wider range of topics that reinforce their sense of community—such as the history of nephrology.

Read the rest – awesome.

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