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Social CRM Use Case 6: Retention

Our [SocialFish] definition of Social CRM is “the discipline of applying social media to membership management”, and the 12 use cases in our white paper, ROI and the Impact of Social CRM, show this in action.  Here’s the 6th of a series of blog posts for Avectra on the use cases – including four completely new ones – and we want to hear from you if these are possible for YOUR association.  In ALL cases, you should be building your community on social media sites before you even think about ROI.


Better retention rates through social profile mapping

[Not so distant future, with the help of new technology]
Before embarking on the annual renewal campaign, the membership department checks the email marketing database and finds more than 214 email addresses had a hard bounce, meaning they are no longer valid. Since the majority of those email addresses are work emails, it’s likely that those 214 people have changed jobs. Over the course of the last year, the community manager has been busy with social profile mapping, so more than half of the 214 missing members have their LinkedIn or Facebook profile tied to the association’s AMS. Using the association’s social media management system, the community manager sends a private message to each of the 116 people to either ask about their new job and update their email address, or to offer them help finding a new position through the association job board and discounted membership dues.

The recipe:

  • Your goal – to maintain contact with members at risk of dropping due to job change.
  • ROI = higher retention rates
  • Level – Intermediate
  • Tools – Social Media Management System, AMS, Social Discovery
  • Low hanging fruit – existing social data captured in the AMS

The true test of this use case is about using social media to build relationships with members over the long term, which will minimize events like job changes where they might otherwise be lost.  You’re probably seeing some of this happen organically – a few people staying connected to the association online even if they drop membership – but the key here is to be proactive about staying in touch, knowing that they will always take their Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter profiles with them no matter what job changes they undergo.  This can be relatively easy to do by keeping social profiles of your members in your AMS.

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