Latest Social Media Tool Tips You Need To Know

latest tool tipsThere has been so much going on lately in the social media blogosphere that it seems the most efficient way to let you know the most important stuff is in a quick round-up post.  So here’s the latest on:

Google+ and Google search

I’m watching this one – lots of debate about it. Main takeway: ignore G+ at your peril.


BONUS: Brands, Businesses & Blogs on Pinterest – find one like your org, and click through to the individual pin and then again to get to the org’s boards to see what they are pinning. Main takeaway: If your work is visual, Pinterest is worth it.


Main takeaway: Stay on top of FB as much as possible. Otherwise, you’ll see an immediate decline in engagement.



Main takeaway: Buffer is one to watch.  May not be relevant right now if you use Hootsuite or other social media management tool, but if they announce an integration, hop on it.


BONUS: Forrester have updated their social technographics ladder.

Here’s some analysis from Geoff Livingston: The More We Stay, the Less We Say. Main takeaway –  less commenting across the board seems to be a trend.

Did I miss anything major that you’ve come across?  Add any must read tool tips links in the comments.

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