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Ignite Social Media has an interesting post showing some demographic data on Pinterest (which, unsurprisingly, skews heavily towards women aged 25-54).  Most telling for me though is their analysis of lifestyle segments – Boomers and Boomerangs (Boomers and the kids who live with them), Babies and Bliss (Gen-Xers having kids but mostly still working full time and interested in anything they can do online rather than offline)…

The key here is – are any of these groups describing your members?  Just something to think about.

An example from the post:

Boomers & Boomerangs

Boomers & Boomerangs in detail

Who are they?

  • This two-group segment includes baby boomer adults and the teenage/young adult children who live in their home
  • Both groups are heavy internet users and account for more than 10% of visits

What would they pin?

  • Online habits include domestic travel planning
  • They also tend to live in houses ~15 years old which suggests to me they would be interested in discovering and sharing DIY, remodel and home improvement style projects

Their boards might look something like this:

As you can imaging, those in the travel industry (domestic) or craft and home improvement stores should see this as a potential opportunity should Boomers & Boomerangs fit within their target audience.


julie January 31, 2012 at 2:58 am

There was a similar report on the demographics of, the hipper alterative to pinterest. Skewed evenly between male and female on that site.

Maggie McGary January 31, 2012 at 11:55 am

Just weighing in to say that ASHA is the perfect example of this tie-in between Pinterest’s key demographic and an association’s key demographic. Pinterest’s demographic totally matches ASHA’s–so it’s no surprise that ASHA members are using it in droves. The challenge is making an association’s web content “pinnable.” Definitely something to consider in terms of web content, content strategy, etc.

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