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Social CRM Use Case 8: Outreach

Our [SocialFish] definition of Social CRM is “the discipline of applying social media to membership management”, and the 12 use cases in our white paper, ROI and the Impact of Social CRM, show this in action.  Here’s the 8th and final entry of a series of blog posts for Avectra on the use cases – including four completely new ones – and we want to hear from you if these are possible for YOUR association.  In ALL cases, you should be building your community on social media sites before you even think about ROI.


Leveraging blogger influence for outreach

[possible now]

An association hits a milestone for the industry. The Social CRM team has created a list of 50 bloggers who have huge followings, and occasionally post about industry issues. They reach out by email to each of the bloggers to let them know about the milestone, and to offer them a blog post–either a guest post, or an interview with a member who took part in the success. The team ends up doing a “blog tour,” guest posting on 25 different blogs. The posts get tweeted and two weeks later, a reporter for the New York Times calls the association to get a quote from a member for a story she’s writing about the industry.

The recipe:

  • Your goal – PR hits, amplified brand mentions
  • ROI = new members
  • Level – Basic
  • Tools – Social Media Monitoring
  • Low hanging fruit – mining existing conversations on the social web

This final use case in our series is one that should be a soft ball for most associations.  Monitoring at a basic level will identify any bloggers writing about the industry; getting to know them and reaching out to them after that is easy to do. Most industry bloggers will be happy to write about your association milestone, if there’s something in it for them – including a simple thank you.

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