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Social Media is Changing Leadership [DATA]

We surveyed 505 individuals about social media and leadership, as part of ongoing research related to the concepts in our book Humanize: How People-centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

The survey questions gathered data on their perspectives about social media implementation in organizations, particularly related to leadership and how leaders are leveraging social media for organizational results. The results of the survey, completed mostly by individuals who work in organizations that are actively using social tools, provide some interesting insights about the deep ways in which social media has become a disruptive force in our organizations.


On October 16 we held a public workshop, where we released the results and then heard from a panel of senior leaders at four organizations, who talked about how their organizations have been integrating social into their cultures and–more importantly–how they have made significant changes to their internal management processes in order to adapt to today’s more social world.

  • Bob Rich from the American Chemical Society talked about how they transformed their strategy process to make it more agile and real to the employees–but were able to do it through a series of smaller (and easier to swallow) process changes.
  • Reggie Henry, CTO of ASAE talked about how had staff and members working side by side in creating some new communication infrastructures for the organization–which meant letting go of some control and being okay with failure.
  • Crystal Williams, Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association zeroed right in on failure. She said it was the proudest moment she had all year of her staff–when they failed and learned from it (they’ve been named a “greatest place to work in DC” several years running, by the way).
  • And Sunayna Tuteja talked about the challenges of “going social” at TD Bank, where they have 85,000 employees and LOTS of restrictive government regulations.

GET THE SURVEY RESULTS REPORT HERE.  Watch this space; we’ll be writing a lot more about the insights from this research.



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