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How to Humanize Your Nonprofit in the Social Media Age

Are you sad that you missed this awesome webinar?  Well never fear – we’re doing it again for Avectra.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Presented by:
Maddie Grant, CAE, SocialFish, LLC
Jamie Notter, Management Solutions Plus
Amy Sample Ward, NTEN
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET; 12:00 PT – 1:00 PM PT

Ever get jealous that the open, unstructured social media efforts of the community completely trounce your well-planned and even well-funded social media programs? Are you frustrated when your own social media efforts are thwarted by inter-departmental competition? These problems are common, and we can no longer blame them on people “not getting” social media. The blame actually lies in the way we run our organizations. Our mechanical and top-down approaches don’t fit with the more organic and decentralized power of social media. In this session authors Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter will explore aspects of their book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World on how to create organizations that are more human, thus more compatible with social media. We will dig into some practical ways that anyone can start building more human organizations at the levels of culture, process, and individual behavior.

In this webinar, participants will

  • Understand the subtle ways in which our organizational “best practices” have been sabotaging our social media efforts for some time now.
  • Understand a new framework for changing culture, process, and behavior in organizations in ways that is more aligned with the power of social media.
  • Begin to develop specific strategies for changing their own organization on at least one of those three levels.

REGISTER.  It’s free!!

And if you’re interested in spending a few weeks working through some culture change in your organization?  Apply for the 21st Century Nonprofit Program.  Deadline to apply is December 20 and space is limited!


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