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[DEADLINE IS SOON!!] Apply for the 21st Century Nonprofit Program

Nonprofits are changing the world. It’s what we do. The smart ones understand the importance of leveraging technology to support these world-changing endeavors. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Our organizations often struggle to be nimble and agile in today’s changing environment, or to stay focused and on target in our program implementation, or to effectively engage employees, funders, and stakeholders in the process. Sometimes it feels like our organizational challenges outweigh our change efforts.

In fact, this is precisely the problem. Despite our progressive efforts to leverage technology to change the world, our organizational structures, processes, and management “best practices” haven’t seen real change in fifty years or more. Our organizations are stuck in outdated, 20th-century management models that are becoming more and more unworkable in today’s social and technology-driven world.

It’s time to bring change to the way we lead and manage nonprofit organizations – and make them more compatible with 21st-century reality.

We are partnering with NTEN—the Nonprofit Technology Network–to offer a three-month, action-learning course that takes the ideas in Humanize and puts them to work for your nonprofit organization.

21st Century Nonprofit: Leveraging Technology to Transform Leadership


The inaugural program runs January through March 2013, and to be a part of it you must fill out an application (deadline to apply is December 20). If you have questions, contact Maddie or Jamie.

Program Information

The 21st Century Nonprofit is a 3-month action-learning program designed to help you actually move away from the more mechanical and rigid management practices of last century and embrace a more open, transparent, and dynamic approach to the management and leadership of your nonprofit. The program will provide tools and analysis for developing and implementing change efforts internally, focusing particularly on using technology (social and otherwise) to move the needle on more effective leadership and management. Participants have the opportunity to learn from experts as well as peer-based learning and support from other nonprofit professionals who are going through similar efforts.

The 21st Century Nonprofit Program will be led by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, co-authors of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. Using frameworks and tools drawn from the book, as well as their years of consulting experience, they will work with participants through a combination of webinars, group teleconferences, and individualized coaching and advice for participating organizations. The webinar series in the program will be open to the public, but the other (primarily virtual) interactions in the program will allow course participants only to learn and discuss with other nonprofit executives in the program, as well as direct feedback and advice from the organizers. The program culminates with an in-person session at the NTC in April 2013.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • leverage technology and social media to change not just marketing and IT, but the way you lead and manage your organization.
  • identify actionable ways you can start shifting your organizational culture to embrace a more human approach to leadership and management.
  • identify specific changes you can make to internal structures and processes to encourage more collaboration, experimentation and openness.
  • address the individual behaviors and skill sets your people need to acquire in order to run with these changes and leave the traditional, mechanical management practices behind.

Participant Qualifications

The program is open only to qualified nonprofit organizations and can accommodate up to three individuals from each organization as participants in the program. At least one of the individuals must be the Executive Director or other senior-level manager. Participation from at least one person representing the technology/social media functions is recommended. Organizations must complete an application prior to registering for the program that indicates the organization’s interest/capacity for exploring significant organizational change, as well as the ability to meet the time commitment of the program.

The first cohort will be limited to 30 participating individuals.



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AvectraCarlos October 22, 2012 at 8:59 am

This should be a great program and believe that NTEN has really stepped up as a leader in bringing this new leadership program to its customer base.

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