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We’re working with the National Association of Manufacturers on a quarterly webcast series with the NAM’s chief economist, Dr Chad Moutray. Our role is to monitor the internal chat and integrate the discussion with Twitter. We hosted the first webcast yesterday; here’s a sample of the Twitter conversation. We’re looking forward to the next ones; if you’re a NAM member, register here.  If you’re not a NAM member, join the NAM, and follow the #NAMShopTalk hashtag on April 11!

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<h1>NAM Quarterly Economic Webcast – Q1 2013</h1>
<p>Storified by <a href=””>Maddie Grant</a>&middot; Fri, Jan 25 2013 06:34:59</p>
<div>Always love the “behind the scenes tech room shot”! #NAMShoptalk Grant</div>
<div>Looking forward to participating in the first @ShopFloorNAM economic webinar. Follow me for some key economic updates. #NAMShopTalk #mfgChad Moutray</div>
<div>Ongoing strengths in the #mfg #economy are housing, consumer spending, exports &amp; energy. #outlook #manufacturing #namshoptalkChad Moutray</div>
<div>In full swing for the CMA webcast! @shopfloorNAM #NAMShoptalk Sandler</div>
<div>Housing starts and confidence in residential construction is helping to drive economic recovery. Great news for #mfg #NAMShoptalkNed Monroe</div>
<div>RT @chadmoutray: Seven of the top 10 export markets for #mfg goods are experiencing expanding economies #progress #exports #namshoptalkAdam Korengold</div>
<div>#mfg outlook went from 89% positive in 2012 down to 52% positive (before fiscal cliff but after the election) #NAMShoptalkMaddie Grant</div>
<div>I expect #GDP to increase 2% in 2013, essentially the same as in 2011, 2012. #mfg #economy #outlook #namshoptalkChad Moutray</div>
<div>Debt ceiling (now end of May) and sequester (Mar 1) still hurdles to deal with for #mfg #NAMShoptalkMaddie Grant</div>
<div>Tax Policy March Madness #NAMShoptalkPaul Hartgen</div>
<div>Tax Policy March MadnessThe slide used by NAM’s Dorothy Coleman, Vice President of Tax &amp; Domestic Manufacturing Policy during her presentation at CMA2013WLC.</div>
<div>@chadmoutray: average age of autos maybe 11 years. Replacements will drive economic recovery. Auto a bright spot for #mfg. #NAMshoptalkNed Monroe</div>

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Paul Hartgen January 29, 2013 at 9:02 am

Thanks for the shout out and for helping us with social media!

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