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Free education tools you have never heard of

This is a guest post by Sandra Miller, a tech writer from Brooklyn.


The number of education sites keeps growing at a fast rate. The popular ones are sometimes high budget and in the end, you end up knowing them. The rest may therefore, not be well-known and not specifically because they are less creative or beneficial. This article gives you a list of some of these sites and why you need to know them.

  1. Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is generally negative for learning as it reduces credibility and value. Plagtracker is great website that allows users to check the originality of their written works. Although there are many products which allow users detect plagiarism in written work, this site is equally reputable and capable of offering great plagiarism detection capabilities.

  1. Scitable

Scitable is available courtesy of NatureEducation which is an initiative for collaborative science education. There are thousands of science eBooks, ask expert section and online classrooms on the website. Learners can also share material on this website. With a bias towards life sciences, there is a lot of you can learn on this website.

  1. TVO

This site is similar to the PBS television station that gives learners access to some of the best learning resources. There are tons of videos on the website and this allows users to learn new information in life sciences, business and technology, among others. TVO TV is full of big ideas you can learn from.

  1. Saylor

Saylor was developed in the year 2008 and contains at least 250 free courses. The courses offered are majorly in some of the US top 10 college majors to reach a major and useful audience. Its services are similar to Coursera and Udacity.

  1. University of the People

University of the People offers tuition free, non-profit academic programs in Business and Computer science. It has a strong relationship with Yale, HP and the Catalyst initiative for internships and further study. Its main focus is students from third world countries; at least students from 130 countries have enrolled in these programs.

  1. The faculty project

The faculty project allows students access to some of the top professor materials in global top Universities. The site also offers thousands of courses and materials for the different courses students can benefit from.

  1. Textbook Revolution

This website provides access to free textbooks to its users. Although the site has received less attention like its counterparts, this site provides thousands to students in different subjects which range from accounts to chemistry.

  1. Learnthat

Learnthat is a site that offers tutorials in different fields. It helps visitors improve their skills in fields like Excel, digital marketing and many others. With a tutorial format, there is so much you can learn from this site.

  1. University of Reddit

This site is a great resource, although quite unknown compared to the mighty Reddit, this site gives users the opportunity to share information through classrooms. There are also videos you can learn a lot from in different fields like social sciences, computer science and business. Learners also have the opportunity to add information to their databases.



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