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I was privileged to be invited to participate in a Community Manager Hangout this past Friday hosted by Tim McDonald, who runs My Community Manager, a great site chock full of resources for community managers for all kinds of companies.

Here are the questions we discussed:

Non-Profit and Association Communities

Q1. What is a private community? And how does it differ from a public community?
Q2. What are some ways associations can convert listserves into communities?
Q3. How can you engage in meaningful discussions with your community? What defines meaningful?
Q4. How do you determine which social platforms to use with your community and in what ways can you use them?
Q5. How do you effectively handle fundraising with a community?

Here’s the full 1 hour video of the Hangout.  It was a great discussion, I think well worth watching if you have the time.  There’s also a Storify recap full of retweetable moments if you want the quick version.

[View the story "Private Communities with Maddie Grant" on Storify]

From an educator’s standpoint, I especially loved taking part in this event which was a combination Google+ Hangout on air, combined with a simultaneous Twitter chat – it worked extremely well apart from a 3 second glitch in the middle – and the one thing I noticed was that it was supported and moderated by several people, both on the Twitter side and on the Google side. But it was awesome.  I definitely plan to attend again – join me in checking out #cmgrhangout every Friday at 2 pm!

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