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Social Media Management From the Trenches

Here are three great examples of social media management in the trenches from the last couple of months.  Are you doing anything cool you’d like us to write about?  Have you seen other good examples?  Let us know.

Andy’s Answers: How Dow Chemical made storytellers out of scientists (SBOSM)

Dow knew that if it wanted to compete for recruits with some of the more glamorous scientific companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, it needed to reframe its brand. To showcase its passion, authenticity and expertise, it needed to get its scientists’ amazing offline reputations online.

Andy’s Answers: How Aetna enables 35,000 employees to engage in social media (SBOSM)

Lauren Vargas was tired of organizations putting community management teams in the corner. So she developed a “playbook” for enabling 35,000 Aetna employees to engage in social media.

Her strategies take a cue from nature by decentralizing responsibilities, creating a safe haven and providing adaptive tools. The outcome: integrated social skills and stronger community connections.

Can AARP Become a YouTube Hit? (Digiday)

“We’ve already launched a CMS to let us manage the flow of our videos,” said Tammy Gordon, director of social communications and strategy at AARP. “We are making a deliberate shift to develop a direct-to-YouTube programming inventory. It’s like having your own cable network on YouTube. That’s where YouTube is heading, and that’s why we are taking money out of our TV budget and moving it to YouTube.”

AARP has been making headlines a lot lately for what its doing in digital and even in social media. The reason AARP is placing a big emphasis on the social Web is simple. Social network use among Internet users 50 years old and older has nearly doubled to 42 percent over the past year.


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