[Cool Infographic Friday] Everything you need to know about mobile payment options

Personally, I buy everything online, especially groceries, takeout food, homewares, electronics, and clothing. The only things I can’t buy online are shoes (sorry Zappos – have had really bad luck with shoes that hurt my feet), handbags (I’m too picky and obsessed and I need to see myself with the bag on my shoulder and feel the weight of it), and fish for my aquarium (you know, um, living things). I’ll go to Best Buy or the Apple Store, but only after I’ve already bought my item online. I don’t want to wait for it to come in the mail, so I’ll do in-store pickup. And when it comes to my association dues, if you make me write a check and find an envelope and a stamp you’re just making me cranky so I wait til I get the third reminder. #justsayin

For all of the above, I have ipad or iphone apps (Peapod, Grubhub, Amazon, Target, etc). Are you starting to buy stuff through your phone or tablet?

And that’s for buying things – I also use my phone to pay bills and deposit checks. I have a Square card to accept credit card payments with my phone (say for selling my book) (by the way – I view with extreme suspicion any business that does not take credit nowadays). I’m checking out Dwolla and Serve as ways to potentially detach myself from the traditional banking system which I hate.

How are you using mobile payments?

Choosing the Right Mobile Payment Option - Infographic

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