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How to apply social to marketing, membership and leadership at #audc13

Jamie and I facilitated two fishbowl sessions at AUDC a few days ago, and Jamie keynoted day two.  I was going to post a recap, but Deirdre Reid did it for me!  Read her two recap posts here:

I.  What Social Business Means for Leadership – Jamie’s keynote

“Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” – Morpheus

In the 1999 film, The Matrix, Morpheus has a revolutionary agenda – to pull Neo out of the Matrix and into the real world in order to overthrow the world of the machines. Like Morpheus and Neo, we too have a revolutionary opportunity to change the world of associations.


II. How to Apply Social to Membership and Marketing -  my fishbowl session

“Five minutes into the session — How to Apply Social to Membership & Marketing – and several attendees had already shared social media lessons and tips. Imagine sitting in this same session three years ago: I bet the only one sharing would have been the session leader, Maddie Grant, CAE, Chief Social Media Strategist at Socialfish. But today at the Avectra Users & Developers Conference, many association professionals had social media stories and advice to share.

First steps

Some associations are at the beginning of their social media journey. One person asked, “Where do we start?”

  • Assess your situation. Find out which platforms your members use.
  • Use a social discovery tool, like Small Act, to upload your email list and find out where your members have profiles.
  • Start by listening and learning.
  • Create a cross-departmental task force that develops social media strategy, guidelines, messaging style and content. Or, one person can be solely in charge of social efforts, monitor member conversations, and get content from other departments that meets member needs.
  • Remember, your number of followers is not as important as the quality of your engagement and the value you provide.
  • Maddie suggested building your Twitter audience by following the right types of people: people who are on the same lists as you, people your followers follow, people using industry hashtags and participating in industry chats, and trade press.

Deirdre captured tons more tips!  Check them out here.

Were you at AUDC?  What were your favorite takeaways?



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