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The dark side of community management

Since we’re on the topic of community management, check out this deck from the CR. For those of you who are community managers, do you recognize some of these frustrations? I asked my co-author on Humanize, Jamie Notter, to give me his take on this:

“It’s not surprising to me, actually, that Community Managers are struggling with these issues. They are essentially a single connection point through which we connect an organic, dynamic, human system (the online community) with a structured, hierarchical, and impersonal machine (the organization). Living at the intersection of those two world is bound to generate conflict, role confusion, and a strong need for a support community, as the ebook demonstrates. Particularly with so many Community Managers operating solo within the organization, as if all the community members were the “manager’s” direct reports (which they’re not, of course). Who else gets the title of manager that is essentially by themselves in a department?!

This is more evidence that becoming a social organization requires more than adopting new technology solutions. We have to lead and manage in different ways, and we should all be increasing the sensitivity of our radars internally–looking for the stress or frustration that is emerging due to the new demands of social business. Those places might be great ones for experimenting with some new ways of doing things in our organizations.”

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This post contains a slide deck – click through if you can’t see it.

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