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This is Crowdsourcing in Action and it’s Awesome.

Rick Johnston and I presented a session (well, Rick presented, and I ran around the room helping people log in :)) at ASAE13 called Problem Solving Live! where we took the audience through an exercise in crowdsourcing. (Read a refresher on what crowdsourcing is here.)

With the help of Josh Folk from Ideascale, a crowdsourcing platform (see resources from Ideascale here), we asked for ideas related to this challenge:

We have all left conferences feeling that there were attendees we should have met and did not… people with common interests, experiences, challenges. If only our associations could facilitate these connections, our members would find extra value in the meetings and recognize our associations as helping to expand our professional and personal network of colleagues. But how can we best do that?

We requested some ideas in advance, then walked the participants through how to log on to the site, vote on existing ideas, and submit their own. Check out the results here.



Then, we took the idea with the highest number of votes, started a new “campaign”, and asked everyone to refine the idea by submitting a NEW set of ideas. This was especially powerful, because you can imagine crowdsourcing and getting a lot of bad/useless submissions – but being able to see how to refine the best ideas was particularly useful for the group.



The experiment turned out to be really great – we were able to show crowdsourcing in action in a quick 75 minutes – it really showed off the power of what these tools can do.  Here’s my interview for Personify where I talked more about the session and some of the questions that were raised.

Have you tried using crowdsourcing at your association? Any lessons to share?

BONUS: Watch this space – we got some questions about crowdfunding (related to crowdsourcing, obviously) and we’ll be posting more info here soon.



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Jay S. Daughtry August 14, 2013 at 8:47 am

And just who submitted the idea with the highest number of votes that was then the focus of refining? ;-)


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