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[NEW ICF Whitepaper] Are You Game? The Future of Consumer Engagement in Healthcare

Download this new ICF International whitepaper—and put your gamification knowledge to the test. Examine examples of healthcare gaming, explore key market drivers, and predict gaming trends in achieving healthier populations.

Gamification—an unlikely word that’s made its way to the forefront of the modern healthcare dialogue. The term is now being used alongside more traditional words that are used to describe the healthcare industry—doctors, nurses, medications, copays, and referrals to name a few.

In addition, health-related apps, designed to help achieve health and wellness objectives, are rising in popularity. And, customers crave more than affordable healthcare—they want interactive tools to motivate them and to help them track their fitness goals.

What does all of this mean for healthcare insurers? Due to recent reform regulation, insurance companies must increasingly compete for the end-consumer’s business. Insurers must engage and retain these customers in innovative ways to remain competitive. Gaming technology affords healthcare payers the opportunity to be leaders in consumer engagement—providing competitive advantage in the dynamic healthcare market.

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Disclaimer – we are digital strategists for ICF, just in case you didn’t know that for some reason. And it’s an awesome company that you should know about, if you don’t. 🙂

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