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The State of Community Management 2014

You know, it, it’s that time again! From the Community Roundtable comes the awesomest comprehensive report on communities.  Here’s Rachel Happe with a quick intro for you:
This year’s State of Community Management report is a significant milestone for the discipline of community management – it defines objective artifacts of community management maturity and enables comparisons and benchmarking across communities.  Those objective markers – developed in conjunction with members of TheCR Network – enable community teams to validate their approach and develop roadmaps. More importantly, because the data confirms that community management process maturity enables value, it allows community teams to change the conversation with stakeholders from should they invest to what they should invest in – a critical change to the conversation.
Key findings from this year’s research were:
  •     Community maturity delivers business value
  •     Advocacy programs increase engagement
  •     Executive participation impacts success
Additionally, this year’s research dives in to the eight competencies that The Community Roundtable considers critical to community success and identifies how best-in-class communities (the top 20% in terms of maturity) perform relative to the survey as a whole.
Appetite whetted?  Read the report here.

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