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Why collaboration is not as easy as it seems

Loved this deck by Rawn Shah.  Here’s a bit of background from him for you (thanks Rawn!):

“”As we become more and more digital an organization and as we also become further globalized, how we communicate and collaborate are likewise being transferred or expressed in the digital medium through social tools, videoconferencing, texting and more, and with more people in different locations or differing backgrounds.

We have to look beyond just organization culture alone, or generations alone, or national cultures alone, but all of them together and more. And we have to understand that this culture DNA is individual pragmatic. To develop cooperation with others and to collaborate, you need to understand what you have in common. This is the chimera of collaboration culture composed of elements from many different segments of culture and between people.

Then you should look to understand the imperfections of digital communications and how they refract meaning and understanding between people like a prism. The goal is to help  people develop an understanding how we think and what we mean, so we can understand how to work in common. And for the leaders in a company to find the best ways to facilitate and accelerate this across groups in and beyond the organization.  “


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