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Top Tips and Techniques for Holiday App Marketing

It’s December 1… Do you have an app for your members?  Want some tips for doing a marketing push for it for the holidays? Here’s the latest free resource curated for you!

> Keys to marketing your app during the most wonderful (and competitive) time of year.

The millions of new phones and tablets given as gifts each holiday season create a massive opportunity for app publishers to capture lots of new loyal users. With the recent launch of new products like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPad Air 2, the 2014 season promises to be no exception. But this is also the most competitive time of the year and finding a concrete and lasting strategy for your holiday app marketing plan can be a challenge. 

If you follow a few simple guidelines, however, you’ll be on the right track to overcoming those challenges. As outlined in this ebook, those guidelines include spreading your campaigns accordingly and retargeting to stay top of mind. These and other suggestions will help ensure you can capitalize on this competitive yet opportunity-filled time of year for app marketers. 




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