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In the DC area?  You’re invited to join us!


TIME: 3:00 – 6:00 PM

LOCATION: 816 N St Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA

COST: Complimentary


The first event in the series “What Got You Here” is a discussion on the pivotal points in our personal, professional and industry lives when we realize the “tools” that got us to where we are now will not get us to where we need to be.

One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of organizations to stay at the top of their sectors when technologies or markets change. The association sector is facing this challenge now and a fundamental reason lies at the heart of the challenge: what has proven successful in the past is not what will prove successful in future as the landscape for doing the work has changed. Associations rely on the tried and true, but now in a world gone digital we’re operating under a new reality. 

In 2007 Marshall Goldsmith, prominent leadership and management thinker, published a book called “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”. The book provided, essentially, a checklist of interpersonal skills that a person needs in order to move from one stage of a career to the next. While we borrow from the larger theme of the book, this event takes a look at the moments – personal, professional, and sector-wide – when as individuals, organizations, industries – we realize the tools and experience that got us to where we are now will not get us to where we need to be in the future.

Join the following panelists for this lively discussion:

  • Maddie Grant, Digital Strategist, Culture That Works
  • Jamie Notter, Culture Change Consultant, Culture That Works
  • Alexander Graham, Executive Director, Council for Exceptional Children
  • David Bushnell, Experiential Marketing Consultant, Former Creative Director for Lady Gaga

*Additional panelists beings confirmed.



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