Post image for Next #culturechat 4/30 – Hiring for Culture Fit

Next #culturechat 4/30 – Hiring for Culture Fit

Join us on Thursday at 1 pm EST (last Thursday of the month, mark it in your calendars! for #culturechat!!

This month we’re talking about hiring for culture fit.  Some of the questions we’ll address are:

  • What does “culture fit” mean at your organization?
  • What is the balance between cultural fit and skills/competency in your hiring process, and why?
  • Are traditional hiring processes effective for hiring for cultural fit? Why/why not? What are some “out of the box” ways you can find out if a candidate is right for your org?(Such as, orgs that interview at a bar or over lunch)
  • What have you changed about your hiring process to make it better at assessing cultural fit?
  • If you hire for cultural fit, are you also building that into your performance management processes and systems?
  • Does hiring for cultural fit get in the way of efforts to increase diversity? (ie, hiring people who end up looking and thinking alike…)
  • Is hiring for cultural fit requiring you to spend more time/money on internal training (to make up for the skills part)?
  • How do you educate your candidates on how to interview in an org that hires for cultural fit?

Very excited for this topic!  Join us on Thursday!

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