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How to Leverage Mobile Payments to Garner Customer Loyalty

Mobile payments will reach $90 billion by 2017, according to Forrester. The ability to attract mobile customers isn’t just a matter of selling more products, however. It also can help form long-lasting loyalty between your organization and consumers (members and non-member customers). From loyalty programs to innovative social-sharing incentives, mobile marketing can boost your sales and help form lasting loyalty. Here’s a round-up with some ideas:

Use Pay with a Tweet

Instead of giving away freebies, coupons and products, organize a Pay with a Tweet campaign to help spread the word about your organization. Offer your customers an incentive like a promo code if they tweet about your service. It costs the customer nothing but a few seconds of time and can give your promotion a boost.

This technique isn’t exclusive to Twitter, either. Consumers can post to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook as well. This eliminates the risk that your non-Twitter clientele won’t opt into your incentive and gives everyone a chance to share.

Open up Your Mobile Wallet

shutterstock_230927836Entice more mobile customers to buy your products with a mobile wallet option. Businesses can develop their own unique app or use a third-party service to take care of all the details for them. Businesses such as Starbucks, Macy’s, Whole Foods and big banks are already using Apple Pay to offer mobile payments for their customers.

An app won’t alienate your customers that prefer cash or credit cards, but will open the door for patrons who want to do everything from research to Tweet about your products from their smartphones. And it’s a bonus if your customers use smartphones like the HTC One M9 that have high-quality cameras and sound to capture footage of your store and share via social media.

Mobile wallets also give more opportunity to grow your loyalty programs and consumer satisfaction. A system like Wallet Manager can help consumers keep all of their loyalty cards and offers in one place for easy access. According to Vibes, the maker of Wallet Manager, 70 percent of consumers will save an offer to their mobile wallet if they have the option. This can lead to a 64 percent higher conversion rates over static mobile web coupons.

Geotarget Your Customers

Give high-profile clients and customers who spend above average special incentives. Invite them by text to special openings or tuck a VIP coupon into their shopping bag. Take it a step further by using technology like iBeacon to know if your favorite customer is nearby. Once this person enters your store, greet him or her by name or with a free drink or product. Showing you care about customers and giving their service a personal touch can give a boost to how widely your reputation spreads from repeat, happy customers.

Gamify Your Loyalty Program

Turning your loyalty program into a gaming experience can keep customers engaged and coming back for more. Apps such as Lootsie offer mobile games where your consumers earn points by reaching different goals in the games. Players can then redeem points for products from favorite brands, which helps build loyalty and repeat business.


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