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Ready to Grow ROI? Online Communities Can Help You Generate New Revenue Streams

Resource: Case studies on how to leverage your online community to find untapped revenue sources

HL_ROI_Article_2015_ThumbOnline communities are inherently useful outlets for growth and increased revenue. Not only the go-to hubs for members to interact and share knowledge, they are also great platforms for generating new revenue streams. It’s a valuable resource for improving both member satisfaction and returns on investment. Any community can use advertising, vendors, events and other unique revenue streams to help its organization to flourish.

“Every online community manager needs to be prepared for the day when the powers-that-be ask ‘What’s the ROI of our community?’” says Ben Martin, CAE, from Online Community Results. “You’ll be far better off answering the question by pointing to dollars and cents on the balance sheet than replying with social media dogma like “’What’s the ROI of your mother?’”

Several Higher Logic clients are getting creative with their online communities as a successful platform for generating additional revenue. The platform is naturally advantageous for bringing organizations a variety of benefits and rewards, including new channels for ads, sponsor relationships, and revenue opportunities around events, conferences and more.

To read ROI case studies from organizations like The Financial Planning Association, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and more, download Higher Logic’s in-depth article on Community ROI.




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