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2016 State of Community Management Survey – We need YOU

The Community Roundtable have launched their annual State of Community Management research survey. Now in its 7th year, this research has helped tens of thousands of community management professionals evaluate their approaches, educate stakeholders, secure budget and prioritize resources – and they make it freely available to you. Download last year’s SOCM here.

Participating in the SOCM survey will benefit you in a few critical ways:

  • Gain stakeholder confidence: by involving stakeholders in completing the survey, it will help you and them understand the scope of community management responsibilities and start having the right conversations about what to prioritize and invest in.
  • Improve your strategic perspective: Upon completing the survey, you will automatically receive your maturity score by the eight competencies in the Community Maturity Model which will help you understand your program’s biggest strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pique the attention of stakeholders: When you receive the final report, you can compare how you are doing against the industry average and best-in-class – making it clear to stakeholders where you are and what the opportunities are going forward.
  • Be credible: By contributing to the most widely read research about communities, you are contributing to the broader understanding of the community opportunity, which gives you more credibility and career opportunities.

UntitledWhat do we need from you? Your participation in the SOCM research.

TheCR is looking for inputs from customer- and market-facing community programs as well as employee-facing community programs. You can respond either for one specific community or for a community program that spans many smaller communities.

The survey will take 20-25 minutes to complete and includes a worksheet to help gather data ahead of time. This is not a Buzzfeed survey to tell you what color your community should be – it is a strategic and operational tool that will benefit your career and community program and because of that, requires a different level of commitment.


As a thank you for your time, your next coffee is on theCR or you can donate $5 to No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength.

If you have any questions about the survey, your participation or the research more generally, please email TheCR’s research team at

Please share this survey ( with your community management peers and encourage them to participate. The more data they have, the better the insights they can provide to us all!



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