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Announcing the Workplace Genome Project

Big things happening with me!  As you may have heard, my culture consulting firm Culture That Works is now under the umbrella of a new company, WorkXO, which Jamie Notter and I have launched along with HR superstar Charlie Judy.

Here’s our vision and mission:

We know that powerful cultures are achievable, and we are called to work with leaders who are ready to take a stand and create the future of work. Our Vision is to lead a (r)evolution in leadership and management that is based in the power of human community, the intricacies of thriving workforces, and authentic connections with today’s and tomorrow’s talent—all driven by the Workplace Genome.™ Our Mission is to upgrade work.

WorkXO adds in something really exciting to our existing culture change work and generational research: the Workplace Genome™ Project.

What we are doing is helping organizations MAP THEIR WORKPLACE GENOME.  The Genome is a unique survey instrument that ties together all the research we’ve been doing over the last several years (including the impact of social media on management in Humanize, generational differences in When Millennials Take Over, and more), and it allows companies to get a clear and compelling picture of their own “genetic makeup” as an organization. When you have that information in your hands, you can actually start building an organization that’s truly worth working for. You can actually create a “culture that works.”

Ever wonder why employee engagement surveys don’t get you very far?  (Read: they suck) It’s because they don’t measure the right things, and they particularly don’t measure the right things in the digital/social age.  We’ll be talking a lot more about the specifics of why we think that, but bottom line is I believe your own experience with them will bear that out. Maybe you conducted an engagement survey, and your numbers went down afterwards. We can explain why that is.

The Genome is the heart (XO…) of our work, and there will be multiple ways you can participate.  We’re building a quick and easy self-service module, powered by our friends at QuestionPro, or organizations can dig deeper into it and tie it to culture change with the full service Genome.  And we’re also building a community for jobseekers – so individual people can map their own experience as employees, and help us build truly authentic workplace profiles – which will be the key for an organization to attract the people who are best aligned with their culture.


We have had an amazing amount of interest from companies of all kinds in participating in the Workplace Genome Project, meaning that soon after it’s launched we’ll be able to start benchmarking by industry vertical. We can’t wait!

If you’re interested in learning more, please let us know here.  We’d love you to come with us on our journey to upgrade work.


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