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Did you know? Higher Logic integrates with Informz

Announced recently in November, Higher Logic and Informz have a new integration between the community platform and email marketing software.  Have you connected your community to your email marketing?  If not, you should consider it, no matter what platforms you use.

Check it out:

Higher Logic Integration Overview from Informz on Vimeo.

“Clients are can leverage this integration to stay top of mind with their community members by:

  • Sending targeted email campaigns based on Automation Rules in Higher Logic.
  • Combining Online Community Target Groups with Informz and/or AMS Engagement Scoring to get a complete picture of member engagement levels.

The time savings for the community managers due to the automation yield countless possibilities.

Here is just one scenario that is peaking everyone’s interest: Targeting new members. As part of new member welcome campaign, one of the key factors to success is getting folks engaged in the community.  Mutual clients can send different automated messages based on what actions they take (or didn’t take) in the community.

Also, this turnkey integration is simple to implement with no technical expertise required and a nominal fee paid to Informz.

Enhancements to this integration are slated for 2016- so there is more integration goodness in store. “

We’ll let you know when we find out more!


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