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Social Media Demographic Insights from the 2016 Presidential Race

Demographics Pro has analyzed the Twitter and Instagram reach of 8 presidential candidates in a new report released today, splitting their audiences by age, marital status, parental status, ethnicity, personal income and location by early primary and swing state. They also compared the changing demographics of each candidates’ audience over time, and the demographics of active supporters (people tweeting official campaign hashtags) versus passive followers.
Findings include:
~ Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a majority female Twitter following, at 55.4%, while no Republican candidate has above 41.0% female followers. On Instagram, her female audience rises to 69.2%.
~ Of the 3.1 million Twitter followers Donald Trump added Mid-Campaign, only 35.3% are female, a significant decline from 42.5% female Pre-Campaign.
~ At the same time, Trump’s percentage of white/Caucasian followers increased from 87.3% Early-Campaign to 90.1% of followers added Mid-Campaign.
~ Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is notable for having the youngest and least affluent Twitter following out of all candidates, with 45.4% of his audience aged under 25 and 49.0% with an annual income of less than $30,000.

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