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This Week’s #CultureChat: Culture and Success Drivers

Culture Chat is back! This Thursday, February 23rd, we’re doing a Twitter chat around culture at 1pm ET.

You shouldn’t choose your culture because it’s cool or because Zappos is doing it–you should choose a culture that is specifically aligned with what drives the success of YOUR enterprise. Too many organizations miss this, and waste time installing beer taps and foosball tables, when they should be taking a clearer stand on what internal behaviors generate results and what behaviors slow them down. Join us for this month’s #culturechat where we will dig into how culture connects with success drivers, how to define those success drivers, and how to be flexible as your company grows and changes.

Questions to think about:

  • What are some examples of success drivers?
  • What’s the difference between success drivers and core values?
  • What does it look like when a culture is aligned with success drivers? How do you know?
  • Should success drivers be different for different levels of the org?
  • How are success drivers different from KPIs, goals or outcomes?
  • Does your culture need to change with your strategy?
  • Does this make cultural totally relative–whatever works?
  • Join us!

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