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Best social media tools bringing conversions to your online store

Facebook still dominates as a source for traffic through online stores, and orders from Reddit have increased by 152% in 2013. The average order value is highest on Pinterest, Instagram and a social shopping site called Polyvore.

After choosing the right ecommerce platforms and social media platforms for your business, then creating useful, visual content should all be part of your social ecommerce strategy. But many online store owners quickly realize that posting on social media becomes a full time job if you don’t automate. Not to mention, the whole point of working through social media is to bring in conversions for your online store. If you’re not boosting revenue and figuring out ways to measure this in some way, what’s the point of spending your time on constructing a well-thought-out Facebook post in the first place?

Many social tools for boosting conversions litter the internet, so we put together a list of the options that are going to bring you results, fast.



The Buffer app is one of the more popular tools for scheduling social media posts on a wide variety of platforms. When trying to cut down on your social media costs, as well as the time spent on posting, Buffer comes into play for a number of reasons.

Planning your social media strategy is known to produce better content, and the Buffer tool also figures out the best times to share, ensuring that your social posts are accumulating the most clicks and conversions. This is also nice because your customers get the advantage of seeing your posts when it’s most convenient for them.


Understanding your followers is the first step in figuring out what type of content works for them. For example, are your Facebook followers mainly women? Do the people going to your Instagram page work in a particular industry? This is all useful information for structuring your social media posts, to develop items that people are willing to click on and share.

You can filter followers by keywords, locations, interests and more. The whole idea is to find out which of your followers are most active and to see exactly what would cause them to click through to your online store.

Social Bakers


Did you know that 30% of Twitter users start thinking and tweeting about holiday shopping before October? Many online stores don’t know much about their followers, and this is a huge shame. Obviously this is a generic stat about the entire Twitter population, but what about your social network?

Social Bakers provides a beautiful social analytics tool which helps you see what your competitors are doing, along with how your different posts have performed in the past. The reporting is near flawless, and it has a dedicated module to developing social ads for your business.


The Beetailer app syncs your online store with Facebook, constructing a store directly in the social network. In short, people can go to your Facebook store and purchase items directly from there. Since users are far more likely to spend time on Facebook, it works to your advantage in terms of conversions whether you sell spare car parts or green matcha tea.

Make your entire catalog available on Facebook, and create campaigns and promotions that improve your conversions. The detailed analytics are nice for projections, and the checkout system integrations push traffic through your own site.



Piktochart may not initially seem like a social media tool, but the easy infographic design platform is a must-have, considering people are responding to infographics like crazy. This gives you a chance to design your own infographics for your industry and post them on places like Facebook and Pinterest. You don’t need a designer at all.

Reports are provided for checking in on how your graphics perform, and you get a beautiful design interface for implementing images, videos, stats, links and more. Share your images through social media, or print them out to show shareholders.


If you have a strong following on Twitter, you know how complicated the simple tweeting tool can become. Therefore, we recommend checking out the TweetDeck app, which gives you real-time engagement and tracking information.

We like this tool mainly because it lets you track topics, events and hashtags. This way, you don’t have to guess what people are talking about. Simply choose a relevant topic or hashtag and relate it to your products.




Klout has a few advantages for improving the amount of conversions that go through social media to your online store. To start, it provides shareable content that your customers haven’t seen yet. The main purpose of Klout is to track how much of an influencer you are in the social world, as it ranks you in terms of engagements, followers and other social metrics. So, you can work on building up your “klout,” while also checking in on the amount of tweets, shares and comments you receive due to the content you share.


When someone mentions your organization through Facebook or Twitter, they are either interested in buying, or they may have a complaint. Either way, it’s essential for your email marketing strategy that you respond to the customer. Brand24 is a unique tool that helps out with managing the mentions that come through your social platforms.

It tells you the people who have the most influence on their followers, showing the folks that are going to be most important to respond to. You can also segment the mentions by positive, negative or neutral, prioritizing them for your staff to respond in a reasonable fashion.

Open Site Explorer



The Open Site Explorer from Moz works to your advantage when trying to figure out which of your inbound links are working best for boosting conversions. Sure, it reveals inbound links from all over the internet, but you may realize that a certain partner or social follower is sending you all sorts of traffic.

This tool also gives you sense of how effective your social posts are in terms of pushing people to your online store. It takes a little filtering to find your social links, but it’s worth the effort.

Over to You…

Whether you try out Buffer for sharing efficiently or Klout for developing shareable content, the best social tools for bringing in conversations to your online store are worthwhile for many reasons. We recommend implementing a tracking tool, along with one that assists with social management.


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