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Mark Your Calendars for AMSFEST DC!

We sat down with Teri Carden, the chief instigator of an uber cool technology event for associations — AMS Fest.

Q: Why AMS Fest?
A: Let’s face it, technology conferences have become massive and expensive. When you are in a room with thousands of people and hundreds of exhibitors, it can be daunting to find people that are in similar AMS circumstances, AMS vendors that meet your needs, and consultants that can help you assess your situation. That’s why we’ve created AMS Fest!

Q: Who should be there?
A: This is an event for all association types that are interested in learning more about association tech and how we can use tech to propel our organizations forward. The ideal attendee will be an association executive who is the project leader or has a role in the AMS selection or implementation process.

Q: What’s different about the upcoming AMS Fest in September?
A: This time it’s a 2 day event — complete with panels, crowdsourced sessions, deep dives and full demos from the vendors. Knowing what I know about the people that are facilitating a deep dive, participating in a panel or presenting, this thing is going to rock!

Q: What are you most excited about?
A: I’m excited and intrigued about the panel, “Beneath the Surface: Investors Discover Association Tech & What it Means for You.” I think it’s going to create a conversation around why it’s important that we know who we’re partnering with for our technology needs. I think it’s going to better prepare associations for when their tech vendor (AMS or other) merges or is acquired by another company. I think it’s a message that associations need to hear but they don’t know they need to hear it. The panel is a lineup of CEOs from some of the leading AMS companies. It should be interesting.

Q: There are lots of cool things about this event. What’s one more?
A: Unlike any other demo opportunity you’ve ever experienced, the vendors at this event will have clients with them. The clients will be there to help answer questions and share the good and bad from the end user’s perspective. And one more cool thing, there’s beer at lunch. 🙂

Q: When is it and how do I go?
A: September 15-16 in Washington DC. Check out

Act soon! Early bird ends August 15. REGISTER HERE.

And bonus: I will be facilitating a panel about the good, bad and ugly of transitioning from one AMS system to the next… you know you want to hear all about that! 🙂 See you there!


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