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[Cool Infographic Friday] Top 5 Fundraisers for Fall School Fundraising

I like this one, could give you ideas.  H/T from Booster.


Looking to make a mark this fall fundraising season? Choosing and planning fundraisers can be daunting, especially if you’re fundraising for a school and are already juggling numerous other initiatives and tasks.

You have to decide whether you’re going to go big with a signature event or go with a lower-maintenance option, like a clothing drive.

Compiled from and researched using this list of product fundraising ideas and this list of school fundraising ideas, the graphic below is designed to help you narrow down your fundraising options and choose a solution that works for you.

Remember that once you’ve picked out your fundraiser, you’re going to have to boost participation, and there are few better ways to do so than through social media promotion. Get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your school’s social media platform of choice to reach your students through the channels they regularly check.

Check out the list below and share it with those you think might find it helpful!

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