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LinkedIn to remove lots of search fields

Just came across this interesting post.

LinkedIn will soon be retiring the ability to search years of experience, function, seniority level, interested in, company size and when a user joined. Also receiving the axe is the ability for Premium users to search within LinkedIn Groups.


According to Bass, LinkedIn will likely roll out a new product which is similar to LinkedIn Premium Search. A Beta version was shared with Bass.

“LinkedIn’s continued moves of monetizing once free and useful features – many that are already being paid for via Premium accounts – reminds me of the lengths to which tobacco companies went to hide how addictive their products were, despite decades of denying so,” added Steve Levy. “Sadly, once addicted, addicts will pay dearly to obtain their fix. I believe it’s time for an industry-wide intervention – let’s call it #LinkedInaholicsAnonymous – to occur to inform our community of highly effective and alternative ways to identify, engage, and recruit great people.”

LinkedIn followed up with a comment on Twitter to the Google+ post.



This recent move by LinkedIn isn’t entirely shocking. Its users have seen many beloved products and features come and go over the years. Different versions of LinkedIn Premium can run as little as $47.99 a month. Many sourcers and recruiters have gravitated towards LinkedIn Premium as an inexpensive solution to view more profiles and run more efficient advanced searches. Without a Premium version of LinkedIn, basic users can be blocked from running as little as ten searches a month within LinkedIn. A LinkedIn Recruiter account can run upwards to thousands of dollars each month.”

Read the full story here.

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