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The Best Thing You Can Do to Set Your 2017 Up Right

Do you care about workplace culture?  Do you want to align your strategy and business goals with your culture for exponentially better efficiency and results? Do you want to improve employee engagement? Or are you struggling to attract or retain high-performing Millennials as staff? Do you have a bit of spare budget that you need to spend before the end of the year?  This is literally the most impactful thing you can do with it.  

Take a look at the Workplace Genome culture assessment, developed through years of research by me, Jamie Notter and Charlie Judy through our culture startup WorkXO.

You will discover the true power of your culture, based on our proprietary model for understanding how humans experience your workplace. The Workplace Genome includes:

  • Digital culture assessment administered and managed by WorkXO with your entire workforce (or a distinct segment as requested)
  • Results delivered via a multi-layered Workplace Genome Report, plus a digital dashboard for deepening your analysis (access to the dashboard extends for a full year)
  • 90-minute debrief with a WorkXO Culture Advisor with tailored observations and preliminary recommendations.

“Using the Workplace Genome, CMAA has been able to identify our culture markers and the degree each influences our organization; as well as pinpointed cultural areas we want to evolve to improve our internal and member-focused culture.”  

– Jeff Morgan, CEO, Club Managers Association of America

Contact me today to talk about how this might work for you.


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