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Introducing an Awesome New Podcast About Workplace Culture

So perhaps I am biased, as the Culture Chat podcast is my podcast I have started producing over at WorkXO, but it really is awesome and I want to share it with you. Here’s a list of the episodes so far.  If you enjoy these, please share,  subscribe over on Podbean or subscribe in iTunes by clicking that link or searching for The Culture Chat!  And don’t forget to give us a review if you like these podcasts! Thank you!

Building a Culture of Accountability

This episode features a fascinating conversation with Jonathan Raymond, CEO of Refound and author of Good Authority, a book about how to align personal and professional growth.  How do you hold people accountable without acting like a jerk?  How do you create a culture where accountability is welcomed and desired and aligned with doing your best work?

How Employee Benefits Can Impact Culture

Today’s episode features Jovan Hackley, Director of Marketing and PR for Student Loan Genius, an employee benefits company that believes in benefits as a way to build a relationship with employees–related to culture, that can give organizations the edge, particularly in recruiting the younger generation in the workforce.

Culture and the Customer Experience

In this episode of the Culture Chat podcast, we’re excited to dig into the topic of culture as it relates to the customer experience.  Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, once famously said that “brand is a lagging indicator of culture” – in this conversation we talk to Aimee Lucas, customer experience transformist at the Temkin Group, about her thoughts on how exactly culture impacts how customers relate to the companies they interact with.

NTEN and the Relationship between Community and Culture

In this episode, we talk to Amy Sample Ward, CEO of The Nonprofit Technology Network, a nonprofit that serves nonprofits. NTEN grew out of the community that birthed it and community feeds and is integral to the maintenance, protection and evolution of their culture.

Glassdoor and the Rise of Transparency

Join WorkXO in episode 8 of the Culture Chat, where we talk to Kirsten Davidson, Head of Employer Brand at Glassdoor, about the impact of transparency on the business world of today.

Culture Change and the New CEO

In this episode of the Culture Chat, Charlie and Jamie chat with Jeff Morgan, CEO of the Club Managers Association of America, and go deep on how he managed the culture change that comes with coming into an organization as a new CEO charged with turning things around. Listen to this great conversation!

On Grit

In this episode, we welcomed Caroline Miller, author of many books including the forthcoming Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose. Her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success provides a fascinating topic for discussion around how Grit connects with workplace culture.

Culture as a Living Breathing Thing

In this episode, we talk to David Neff, VP of Consulting for Clearhead, working for Fortune 500 brands and large nonprofits on digital transformation. He is also the founder of Lights. Camera. Help., a nonprofit that helps other causes tell their mission through video, and co-author of the book IGNITE : Setting your Organization’s Culture on Fire with Innovation.  Our big question was “what does it mean for culture to be a living and breathing thing?”

Culture Improvisation

In this episode, we talked to Erin Diehl, founder of Improve It, ( a corporate team-building workshop company that helps organizations use improvisation to build better, “yes, and” cultures.

Branding and Culture

How should employers get intentional about making sure their brand – consumer, employer, internal, external – authentically reflects their culture?  That’s our big question for this episode’s conversation with Tim Padgett, CEO of the Chicago-based marketing agency the Pepper Group.

Preserving Cultures that Work in the Fast-Moving Startup World

The big question we posed Dick Burke, CEO of VisaNow:  “You’re a startup that has grown rapidly.  As you continue to grow and evolve, what got you here, from a culture standpoint, might not get you there.  What are the risks of changing so quickly? How do you hold on to the best parts of your culture and the things that made you successful, while growing and becoming who you need to be in the future?”

Millennial Alignment

Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce–a spot they will hold for decades. Are you aligning your culture with the direction this generation will be leading us? This month’s Culture Chat podcast digs into this topic with IQ Solutions, a company adapting quickly to the needs of their heavily Millennial workforce.

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