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How to Promote a Cause on Facebook

The integration of social media in marketing has changed the game forever. Pushing a more socialized agenda by allowing for greater user participation is doing wonders for cause promotion, in particular.

Whole movements have been fostered and cultivated using this tool, and the consistent growth of global movements such as Occupy Wall Street is a great proof. It is a good example of how it can work in any category for expansion via this exciting medium.

Since it was a natural progression of use, there are questions as to why the concept works so flawlessly through Facebook, in particular. But all of this comes down to the desire by ourselves and others to share a message, whatever that message may be.

Facebook is the perfect place to share your message and get heard, and so getting on board and helping to fuel the flames in a targeted way has endless benefits to letting it happen on its own. You can literally create a phenomenon via this social media behemoth.

How To Promote Your Cause By Establishing A Brand

What it is all about at this point is establishing your mission as a brand and promoting it in a way similar to a business. The process of gaining an engaged set of users through old school non-profit promoting just won’t work without an adaption of core methods, even if the principles remain the same.

When you establish a non-profit partnership to this end, they have to be as committed to doing this as you are.

Give Examples Of The Importance Of The User’s Participation

Once you have created this foundation, you can move on to showing users the impact of their participation. Rather than telling them the end goal, show the steps that will lead up to the finish. Don’t try to sell, get them on board.

Provide compelling stories of real life situations effected by the cause, and give insight into the people who will benefit. Show where their money will go on a small scale, and then give them that line to the final goal that shows the user clearly that every little bit is a significant move to the end.

(Red) is one of the best non-profit brands that do that right:


Give Them Something To Share

As for the stories themselves, remember that this is the bread and butter of social media marketing in any niche. Blog posts, web pages and videos that can be easily linked through Facebook are key.

Update often, and with plenty of detail to show the impact or the need for the cause. Users will then share it with their friends lists, and often members of that list will repost and be brought back to your cause themselves.

Try setting up alternative calls-to-action. For example, Facebook works very well for building an email list which you can then manage with services like OptinMonster.

Good to know: 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound, so when creating a video, don’t forget to add clearly-read captions and overlay text. If you don’t have time to buy and learn advanced video editing software, Animoto is a great tool to easily create text slides and captions

Video Facebook

Give Them Something To Want

Most of us have a desire to help others in need. While this drive is strong, it isn’t always enough to break through the daily routines and events that more strongly shape our lives. Inattentiveness is the death of any cause, and so you have to keep users engaged. Part of this is content, but further incentives can help bring their attention more strongly. Incentives such as contests, freebies or rewards for participation.

This is where a partnership can really pay off. Larger non-profits (or just established ones) can sometimes provide connections to businesses willing to contribute. They might offer free coupons for services, or discounts on products.


Promotions via Facebook are the way of the future for causes. Non-profit organizations such as March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society have already been using them to great effect. Which is a process you can become a part of, with the right focus and the desire to market on a global scale through user participation and member oriented methods.

Get started by drawing up a plan and starting the lines to your partnership. You will be glad you did.

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