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How-To Video Series: Can I DIY My Video?

I was part of a team that filmed a series of short how-to videos with 5:00 Films & Media as they prep for their first #MMCCon.  I’ll be posting a few of the videos for you here in the run up to the conference. Enjoy! And don’t forget to meet up with us at Booth 617 to chat about the Authenticity Project

Can I DIY My Video, with KiKi L’Italien and Esteban Escobar

Short answer is “of course”, the longer answer includes more questions, like “why do you want to?”, “what does your audience expect?”, and “what are you offering in place of production quality?” KiKi and Esteban sort through some answers.

Can I DIY My Video? from 5:00 Films & Media on Vimeo.

See all the videos in the series and learn more about 5:00 Films here.

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