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Special Announcement

As you all know, I am now fully immersed in startup land with WorkXO and our culture analysis and culture change work.

The path to get here has felt circuitous at times but makes perfect sense in hindsight; social media, generational differences, online community and digital strategy have always been and continue to be about culture change!  And these areas are still core to the work I am doing in terms of “plays” in our clients’ Culture Playbooks.  The only difference now is that we have very good, clear, data driven evidence that these areas are more easily and effectively improved if you start with understanding your culture as a first step.

How often have you been part of a big technology implementation that’s rubbing up (and not in a good way, natch) against cultural challenges?  How much are we expending lots of effort to build our organization’s brands and pushing our products and services but still not necessarily connecting with existing and future customers and members?  And how much are you hearing about online communities whose technology works great and yet it’s still a struggle to either get critical mass of engagement or to have internal staff pay attention to it?  It’s all down to culture.

And on the internal staff side,  how many times are we hiring the right people who choose not to stick around, or worse, retaining the wrong people who do?  Why are our engagement scores continuously down, or flat, despite tons of money and effort to fix the things they bring up? And how do we navigate transitional change – like digital transformation, new CEO, leadership that wants to shift to a business mindset, change that comes with growth, or mergers and acquisitions?  And let’s not forget traditional and continuing culture challenges around collaboration and silos, transparency, agility, internal conflict, generational differences.  All culture.

You’ve heard me and others writing about all of this stuff on the blog many times, so this post is not about that – instead, here’s the point.  In order to be able to put all my time on this important work at WorkXO, I am going to shift the focus of the SocialFish blog toward the new job board.  This is a valuable service that is growing, and provides value to you, the folks who have been in our SocialFish community of peers and practitioners and subject matter experts and bloggers for years (the SocialFish blog is ten years old this year, did you know that??? Holy moly).  So while I will continue to offer the blog channel for anyone in this community who wants to share news and announcements,  and also to any of my 30+ current and past guest writers who have future posts to share, the most regular blog content will be a weekly round up of hand-picked jobs from the job board.

And for this to continue to provide value and grow, I need your help.  If you work for an organization that posts jobs, please consider posting on the job board.  If you hear of an org looking to hire, let them know about it.  Job postings go out to all my social media channels!  And of course if you’re a job seeker, check out the jobs – there are always some awesome ones.

I’m excited for this chapter. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring and I’m so happy you’ve been along for the ride with us. Thank you!!

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