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10 Reasons to Attend SURGE 2017

SURGE 2017 is an experiment in collaborative innovation.

It is a free virtual summit running on November 7th-9th, was inspired by the association community, envisioned in conversations with people throughout the industry, and planned and created through teamwork and cooperation. The event itself will continue this commitment to collaboration.

The summit will consist of twelve pre-recorded sessions, with a highly participatory format so that attendees can engage together in deep learning opportunities. Association professionals from around the globe will assemble for exclusive access to the sessions and discussions, ready to learn, to listen, and to lend their ideas. As a collective effort, the shape and strength of SURGE 2017 rests partly on the participation of the attendees. The more minds that are gathered, the more insights are garnered – and the more fruitful the experiment.

Here are 10 reasons why you will benefit as much from the event as the event will benefit from you:

  • The event is free for everybody: you just need a curious mind, a collaborative spirit, and an excitement to learn. Additionally, is donating $1 to Children International for every person who registers and attends.
  • Interaction and engagement begin the minute you register. Immediately, you can start to connect with likeminded people in our online forum, and participate in the summit directly by responding to session-specific questions.
  • All registrants will have access to fresh written content from the pens of our experts, so you can immerse yourself in the broader discussions taking place around you.
  • Leading up to the event, any individual with a big idea can contribute a short video clip to our virtual idea box, and share their vision. You can create your own, or simply open the box to see the insights hatching!
  • Creating this conference has truly been a community project. A team of dedicated expert volunteers made sure that the planning process was a dynamic one. The topics covered in the sessions, and the format of the summit itself, are a direct result of feedback, cooperation, and the combined effort of many.
  • Each session is worth one CAE credit for everyone who attends live – meaning that each registrant has the opportunity to earn up to 12 credits by attending for the full three days.
  • Association professionals across the world will be logging on. You will be able to forge connections with people from many different places, to understand what challenges you share, and to discover diverse perspectives.
  • During the sessions, there will be a live Q&A with the speakers, as well as a chat box running simultaneously between attendees. The best ideas to emerge from the sessions and discussions will be compiled into an E-book, distributed to all summit participants, so that the learning can continue beyond the event.
  • Are you a member of a group that is already engaged in knowledge sharing? Why not create your own mini-conference, joining with others near you, and share the event experience in the physical space? (There could even be space for the requisite buffet table…) If you register as a team, make sure to let us know here!

Registering for SURGE 2017 is a chance to be part of a movement. We want to see what happens when thousands of minds join together to solve problems and imagine new possibilities. SURGE 2017 is about creating a ripple in the industry, and the more people who join, the wider it can spread. REGISTER HERE!

Guest post by Lucie Robathan at Association Success.

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