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What to do about the new Facebook changes

Just read this on Associations Now: How Associations Can Respond to Facebook’s Changes.

The social-media giant is diminishing the role of brands, including associations, in its News Feed. One content marketing pro says organizations can adapt by getting personal.

…Luke Zimmer, manager, educator community, at the National Geographic Society and a member engagement expert, said that associations have options if they’re willing to make a few tweaks. First off, associations should work more closely with the vocal supporters that they already have, connecting them with content and encouraging them to share it. “[The changes] will make it more difficult for associations to market on Facebook like they traditionally have,” he said. “And it will make associations depend more on their influencers—true community members, the association members who are willing to speak up for the association really advocate for it… There’s a personal aspect to the kind of content people want to share as well, Zimmer said, so look for opportunities to put a human face on the association’s work.”

Orly??  (Sorry, love ya Luke!) But I mean YES OF COURSE THIS IS TRUE… like we have been advocating at SocialFish since only the dawn of time.  I really cannot help myself on the “I told you so” front – and I’m super happy that all our loyal SocialFish readers will be well ahead of this curveball (well you are, aren’t you?).  W00t!


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